Video for Small Business: Possible & Affordable

Let’s face it.  Video is everywhere.  People are using YouTube, Vimeo and Vine as outlets not only for entertainment, but also for marketing purposes.  And now even small businesses can find affordable ways to get in on this integral marketing tool.

Cell phones with video and decent video camera have come down quite a bit in price over the years making video feasible for businesses of all sizes.  Also, working with a professional video team now costs less than you think.  With a professional video team, you are able to have a commercial quality video to push out on your website at a lower cost than some other traditional forms of advertising.  Video will also engage your customers since they have to choose to interact with it.

Here at JUMP we partner with a professional video production team.  They work with a wide variety of clients both large and small in an effort to bring the power of video to companies of all industries and sizes.  They work with motion graphics as well as standard video to create unique and empowering videos that engage consumers and sell products. We can show you how great video for small business really is!

For more information on how video or online marketing can help your business, please contact Lauren Baldridge.