JUMP How-To: Keep Your Online Marketing Strategy Current


The 4 Keys to Online Marketing Strategy

1.) Content is Still King While content has been king for quite some time in the digital world, content creation just for the sake of creating new content is not the most powerful way to be found on Google. You have to create content that matters to your target market and consumers. This means before you begin with mass content creation, you need to work on content strategy. Content strategy should include mediums such as blogs, social media posts and advertising, and offline advertising.

2.)   It’s 2014 – Invest Time in Social Media If you haven’t started using social media, we are telling you to stop what you’re doing (okay, finish reading this article first) and begin maximizing this invaluable marketing tool. Don’t know where to start? We recommend beginning with Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Why Google+? Because Google likes Google!

3.)   Don’t Be Afraid of Social Media Advertising Let’s assume that you have established a social media presence. Take it to the next level by taking advantage of the highly targeted social media ads, especially on Facebook. Facebook’s ads appear in your consumers’ news feeds so they are hard to miss. Some of the benefits of Facebook’s highly targeted ads include promoting brand awareness, reaching more of your target market by being able to promote to specific zip codes, and generating sales and leads!

4.)   Experiment with PPC Small businesses have an advantage when it comes to PPC: most are location specific, giving you more for your marketing dollars by automatically being able to target more of your audience. Google AdWords even offers research tools that allow you to see the traffic your targeted keywords generate in your area and allows for negative keyword research as well. In addition, do not forget that with PPC your copy in these paid ads must be compelling and have a call to action!