How To: Choose the Right Marketing Move for your Brand

Choosing a marketing agency to help grow your business is a big step for a business owner, especially a small to medium-sized business owner.

At LEAP Spark, we thrive on partnering alongside small to medium sized businesses to get them grow – no matter what that growth looks like.

And sometimes, that next step is difficult to navigate. A PPC plan could make your right audience notice your brand more. Or maybe, your consumers are trying to engage with you on social. Or you could be ready for an entire rebrand or new website, then a strategy for letting your customers know about the latest changes.

Figuring out that next step could mean new customers or new business. We’ll break down a few of those marketing changes to show you how you can take your business to its next level.


Before we recommend any changes, LEAP Spark first does a deep dive of brands. We figure out the target audience, where the target audience is spending time on the internet and when, and what kind of messaging with which they engage. This type of research helps brands know and understand their audience, which then determines messaging, strategy and recommendations.


The information pulled from research then leads us directly into strategy. We can help you develop a content strategy or journey mapping on your site to help guide your consumers to conversion. No matter what kind of strategy – social, content or media, our in-house team of digital strategists will track your campaign in real-time to ensure your dollars are mattering more.


Developing a PPC and SEO strategy helps your consumers find your company as a solution. Determining keywords your target audience is searching for helps us put your brand to the top of a simple Google search, so your brand is not adding to the noise of advertising, but instead is found as a solution to their search.


People connect with brands on social. And brands have an opportunity to engage with their audience on social media. By curating content that speaks to your audience, they will get to know your brand on a personal level. Additionally, influencers can speak to your brand in a way that will connect with more of your target audience.


Your business may be the solution to everyone’s problems, but it can’t help anyone if the logo, creative and messaging behind it does not resonate with consumers. Our team uses a combination of left and right brain thinking to curate brand experiences across a myriad of channels. The goal is to connect your target audience to your brand in order to add value.


It may be rash, but if your brand does not have a website today, it does not exist. Before publishing anything on the web, we ensure we understand your brand and your needs in order to create wireframes that will ultimately lead to a website you deserve and one that serves your consumers. All creative, development and website hosting can be handled in-house.

Technology is changing every day, and so is the way people our using it. In order to meet your business objectives, you have to keep up and you have to know how to use it to your advantage. LEAP Spark can help you determine how to best connect with your target audience in a way that meets and exceeds your business objectives.