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2-minute video that makes your brand feel more human.

personify video:live action
total run time:up to 2 mins
estimated time frame:4-6 weeks

What do the people behind your brand have to say? What about your customers themselves?

Sharing information through training videos, team interviews, testimonials or higher-level documentary-style footage provides names, faces and voices that give your brand a human touch that your audience can form a connection with.

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to delivering potent messages. Let us help you tell your story.


Planning + Scheduling

Project Management + Producer

Creative Concepting


Shot List

Phone Casting (Pre-Interview)

Digital Scout

Gear (Cam, Lights, Audio, etc.)

40 Hrs Video Editing + Audio Mixing

Digital Licensed Music (Audio Network)

1 Half Day (5hr) Supplemental Cinematography

1 Full Day (10hr) Foundational Cinematography

Final Director’s Cut

Digital Delivery (.H264)


1 Explainer Video

6 Social Video Exports (6-15 seconds, each)


subscription pricing

Monthly (12 deliverable sets/year): $18,900

Allowance per deliverable set: $750

*Individual pricing available upon request.