South Central Kentucky LAUNCH, an education partnership with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, needed assistance in creating a microsite for students to learn more about the seven career path sectors SCK offers.


When the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce contacted LEAP Spark, they did not have a website or a place for students and parents to access their program materials.



We approached the website content by focusing on the career sector choices for students. Then, we broke down the education requirements for each career sector on a separate page. We then used PDFs, PowerPoints and other resources provided from the school to build out pages for each career pathway.



The site also allowed prospective students to download a flyer with the same information. We also made it easier for students to access other educational resources by simplifying the site navigation.

Through one site, parents and students can now access all information they need from the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce and surrounding schools.


Web Design / Web Development / UX and UI / Hosting