LEAP Spark partnered with The Chamber Jeffersontown to provide easier website editing, as well as an update to their site for a more user-friendly experience. Then, LEAP Spark created the strategy to increase chamber awareness and membership.


The Chamber Jeffersontown members asked LEAP Spark to create a marketing plan to increase chamber awareness and membership, as well as revamp their branding and website.



The main focus of the site was on the experience and dedication the Chamber brings to every event they host and every member they include. To make sure their diverse membership knew the goings-on of the organization, the interactive site features an event section, which also caters directly to their target audience. User engagement of the site has significantly increased, as evidenced by the decrease in bounce rate and gain in average session duration.

Along with the website, we updated the Chamber Jeffersontown's logo with new colors & logotype, set atop a refreshed cityscape.


We started with personas to determine who was already coming to the site, and who the Chamber Jeffersontown sought for membership. We quickly began working with the local organization on a marketing plan, outlining key aspects of the Chamber, including committees, the Gaslight Festival, membership benefits, local events, etc. With all the services laid out, we began creating tactics that could be applied to their website, online marketing and integrated marketing endeavors.

Once a simple modern facelift to the logo and website design were complete, we created a fully-responsive website with engaging copy and recent photography to update the brand.


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